PacZone Limited is an renowned plastic injection molding & custom packaging boxes manufacturer from China, with products ranging from cusom watch boxes, novel fun candy gift boxes to fancy plastic display stands, etc. Recently, cardboard  gift boxes hand assembling lines were introduced to better respond to the rising environmental issues with more eco-friendly packaging. The factory was founded by a passionate and life-loving team in Hong Kong in 1971. Driven by the mission of adding fun and colorful touch to the packaging world, this manufacturer has pioneered and prospered in the niche market of plastic watch packaging boxes. Meanwhile, its Dongguan factory was set up in Chang'an Town to take advantage of rich resources of mainland China.

‚ÄčUnique Watch Packaging Boxes

You love wrist watches, and want to store and display them in an easy and stylish way, either at home or on the go!  PacZone is a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide selection of unique plastic watches ever since 2003. All the products come in novel designs and premium quality such as bright colored Christmas -tree watch gift boxes, watch box for women with decorative bow, stacking watch containers for DIY cabinets (as shown on the left pictures) and so on! They're cute, elegant, durable and portable, so you can bring and display them anywhere you go. In addition, you many like these waterproof watch storage boxes for men in outdoor occasions. They are durable and tough...

Novel Candy Boxes

Choose from these lovely and beautifuly plastic candy boxes!  Festive gift boxes filled with delicious candy or sweets are a romantic gesture that everyone will enjoy! Especially when you choose the right candy with the right packaging. Find tasteful, high quality chocolates and more to trick out a sentimental gift box for your special someone on Valentine's Day. Or, taking advantage of customizable options to create fun, mouthwatering surprises is perfect for any occasion at all. Birthdays, graduations, holidays, anniversaries and practically any event can be celebrated with marzipan, chocolate, gummie, or any other treat that fits in a gift box. And now you can pick from a variety of sizes, shapes, looks adn themes, so the gift packaging boxes of candies reflect the occasion you're handling. Browse fun & deluxe candy boxes in massive variety today and create a delicious memory that will last long after the last caramel is eaten up.

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